Why Smart Shoes are Necessary to Complete Formal Men’s Attire

It is common knowledge that men devote less time for self-grooming as compared to women. Most of the time, they are happy to sport a similar look, especially at office or formal occasions. However, the way you dress and your accessories like shoes and belts make a huge difference to the way the world perceives you.

Shoes are the Barometer of a Man’s Style

While women have a lot of colours and other funky accessories to create a cool and stylish look, men hardly have that many options. Men must depend on their own intuition and knowledge on selecting the best quality accessories to create a look of style and substance. So if power-dressing is what you want or a look of muted sophistication, you must invest in a few pairs of men’s designer shoes suitable for formal occasions.

Shoes Complement your Clothes

Without a pair of good quality shoes your designer shirt or that expensive khaki will unfortunately look shabby and out of place. Stylish shoes help to complete the look that you are trying to achieve. But for that you must know how to pair the right type of designer shoes with the right types of clothes. For example, formal attires don’t gel with sneakers or slip-ons just as you cannot wear oxfords or loafers with gym wear.

Selecting a Good Pair of Designer Shoes

Considering the significance of good quality designer shoes for your overall looks and their hefty cost, it is important that you know how to identify a genuine pair from a fake.

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