Why Timber Flooring Is Good For Our Homes

Most homes today are made up of concrete. In a tropical setting, these homes easily get hot inside. This is because concrete has high thermal mass, which is the capacity of the material to readily absorb heat. During the day, it absorbs the heat. When the night time comes, it releases the heat. As a result, a concrete home still feels hot inside even though the environment is already cool at night. This, of course, makes the interior uncomfortable for the occupants.

Using timber flooring can mitigate these effects because of its low thermal mass. Timber does not easily absorb and store heat during the day. In effect, there is no heat that is released through the night when the environment is cool. With this, the occupants can achieve a cool interior which makes them feel comfortable when they occupy such place.

Since timber has a cooling effect for home interiors, a homeowner can limit the use of an air conditioning unit which consumes so much energy. It can also economize other devices that he uses to decrease the room temperature. To make one’s home feel cool, an individual can use timber as a material, just like what the older homes use in the past. Perth timber flooring is popular in rural areas. However, many individuals still prefer concrete because of its cheaper cost and durability.

Timber flooring also offers an aesthetic effect inside the home. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who live in apartment buildings, condominiums, high rise buildings and even urban residential homes. Most of these buildings are made of concrete. Other people may consider concrete as dull when it comes to their appearance. In this case, the flooring does not only decrease room temperature but it is also pleasing to the eyes. The owner and other occupants will also feel more closer to nature and find the floor appealing.

There are wide varieties of wood that floor contractors use for timber floor. In the past, people just utilize wood slabs. These slabs are cut lengthwise and produce long rectangular pieces. Timber floors are now engineered by these companies, though. These timber floors are designed to withstand the elements or the pests that can cause damages to them. Such timber floors are more durable, and, consequently, they usually last for a long period of time. Other floors may look like natural wood while others have coatings. Whatever their appearances may be, these timber floors can easily and elegantly blend with any piece of furniture.

There are companies that sell hardwood and any other type of wood that can be used for flooring. They have their own specialties when it comes to these materials. Their employees also possess technical capabilities for the installation of timber floors. In most cases, they give advices on what is the best type of wood that a homeowner can use for his own home.

Timber floors are easy to maintain, as well. The homeowner should properly maintain it. He must also clean it with the recommended cleaning solution. In that manner, the timber flooring will surely last a lifetime.