Wireless Alarms versus Traditional Ones

Alarms are used in commercial, industrial, military properties and residential areas for protection against property damage, theft or burglary, or personal protection against the intruders. There are many types of alarms like the car alarms order to protect the vehicles and its content and also in prison for security purpose.

Alarm monitoring system is designed in order to detect intrusion, more precisely unauthorized entry into an area or building or any prohibited place.

Type of signal

Traditional alarm is based on analogue system whereas wireless alarm is based on a digital system. Digital system is much powerful, and it has higher capacity of detecting objects. As a result, wireless alarms system are very much useful in security purpose. Most of the home alarm panels connect to voice over internet protocol phone system which does not need any upgrading of panel’s hardware. It is more feature-rich than any traditional alarms. But in some cases the voice over internet protocol depends on power of the house. If the power of the house or internet is out than the protocol cannot service.


In the traditional alarm systems, the control panel of the system is hidden in a basement or closet, in which burglars easily cannot get to disable or smash it. But the alarm systems which are wireless, these cut a corner then they insert the signal of the alarm transmitter into the keypad and put it near the main entrance. So burglar with a bat or any heavy metals or stick can just smash it and thus disable the functioning of the alarm.